Sorry to be out of touch for so long!  We’ve wanted to give you an update for a while, but we held off because it seemed like good news (and a new launch date) was just around the corner. Here is what’s been going on.


The premise behind Night School is simple, but the bureaucracy is not. California recognizes several categories of transportation company and, not surprisingly, we don’t fit into any of them. Our talks with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) have all focused on a plan to license us as one of the existing categories, then make adjustments in order to fit our unique model.

Despite months of promising negotiations and several moments when an agreement and launch seemed imminent, we still have not been able to reach a solution that simultaneously works for Night School, the CPUC, and our subcarriers (the school bus companies).


All this effort has been to get approval for the simple, efficient resource-sharing model that inspired us to start Night School. It now looks like our shortest and surest path to launch is to compromise slightly on this model. This means we will need to duplicate some of the work our subcarriers are already taking care of. In exchange, we’ll be able to bypass the negotiations and launch sooner.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s all look forward to a near future when you can finally ride Night School home.

Seth & Alex


Night School is hiring an Android developer for a short term project that involves building an Android wrapper for our web application.  If you’re interested, contact with some information about your background and experience.  


Stay Tuned! Although it has taken far longer than we had hoped or imagined, we’re working our way through the bureaucracy involved in our bus-sharing arrangement, but expect to announce a new launch date soon.


Great news!  Today the California Public Utilities Commission granted Night School a license to operate as a Passenger Stage Corporation.  

This clears our biggest regulatory hurdle to launch AND will allow us to accept individual fares for individual trips.  It’s a huge step forward, and once more details have been worked out we’ll announce a new launch date.

Looking forward to it,

Alex & Seth


We apologize, but Night School will not be running this weekend due to a technical licensing issue with the California Public Utilities Commission.

We are happy to report that there is no problem with our overall plan and we have every indication this will all be resolved at the end of June.  We expect to launch shortly thereafter.

We truly apologize for the inconvenience to all of you who had hoped to ride sooner.  All memberships will be moved to begin on our actual launch day.

Thanks for all the support that you’ve given us.  We’re extremely excited to put the bureaucracy behind us and start running buses!


Seth & Alex