Hello friends,

The new year is upon us, but unfortunately all we have for you is some bad news.

End of the Road

Back in May we were on the verge of launching a service that would have greatly improved late-night transportation in the Bay. Then the CPUC got involved. Though they never raised any substantive objections to the safety or soundness of our plan, the CPUC’s actions have effectively made it impossible for us to launch. We have now decided to shut down the company and refund all memberships.

What Can You Do?

Unfortunately, nothing. We are not seeking more money or lobbying for a change in laws.  After spending much of the past year banging our heads against a wall of bureaucracy, we have reached a dead end.

What should I do if I’m stuck on the wrong side of the bay late at Night?

Honestly, you should probably try the new expanded service from BART and AC Transit. It won’t be as good as Night School would have been, but it’s reasonably priced.

Thank you!

We are extremely grateful to everyone who shared our enthusiasm for Night School. Especially to those of you who threw down and bought an early membership. We really wish we could have worked things out.